Purchasing the Right Concealed Carry Purse

If you are that 1 in 5 women who own a firearm, then there is a solid chance you have heard of the carry and conceal purses at some point in conversational passing. While there are several ways you can legally be a conceal carrying woman, owning a conceal carry crossbody purse is deemed one of the best and most fashionable options worth investing in – and for many more cornerstone reasons than just one.

Overall, a concealed carry purse, sometimes referred to as a concealed carry bag, is strategically manufactured to hold/draw a gun securely and safely. Better yet, do so in such a way that swiftly indicates a conceal carrying woman is not actually carrying at all. That said, carry and conceal purses have certainly made their way in the firearm-owning community. However, it's important to both remember and recognize that not every concealed carry purse is created equal, and there are several factors, features, and considerations to be mindful of before making a purchase to ensure that what you get is exactly what you need. 

Concealed Carry Purse Features – The Must-Haves

There is no denying that carry and conceal purses are exceptionally versatile in terms of features and design. But even so, there are some key features that are considered more than

just a luxury add-on, but a concealed carry purse necessity. Those must-have features include: 

  • A separate compartment for your firearm – Though a must-have regardless, attaining a concealed carry purse with a separate compartment is critical if you plan on carrying other items such as a wallet or nonlethal self-defense tools such as pepper spray. The last thing you will want is to hinder your drawing speed/seamlessness due to other items blocking your access.
  • Ensure your firearm is not visible when looking/reaching into the main compartment – The element of discreteness is key when it comes to owning a firearm. To do this, be sure that whatever conceal carry purse you select allows you to carry without your firearm being visible. When searching through your bag in public, a visible firearm can be unsettling for others around you and can give a leg up to potential threats.
  • Easy and immediate access to your firearm – intertwining with the separate compartment factor, be sure that the concealed carry bag you choose makes it easy to access your firearm. The last thing you will want to come across in a hostile situation is struggling to draw your firearm and losing precious seconds because of it.
  • A dedicated holster – A holster is another quintessential must-have, as it can help prevent a negligent discharge. It also acts as a secondary outlet for you to protect your firearm, secure its retention, and ultimately deliver easy access when/if need be. In short, security and protection are usually at odds with easy access, and a dedicated holster can help bridge that gap.

Alongside the must-haves, some other things worth considering for conceal carry women include locking zippers, if the concealed carry purse features hardware upgrades, has cut-resistant metal wire, and is all around made with quality materials and construction. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of the concealed carry purse, the more expensive it will be. However, it also equates to better safety, comfort, and functionality, ultimately paying itself back in high-performing protection and security long-term. 


Concealed Carry Purse Styles


Though all concealed carry purses have the same shared goal, that does not mean there are many different styles you can choose from. Though there are things like off-body holsters and shoulder conceal carry bags, the most popular and convenient are concealed bags with crossbody shoulder straps. The reason being is that this style offers more security, remains closer to your body and is exceptionally easy to draw from due to having more control. That being said, crossbody conceal carry purses are not the only style you can go with. Other styles include:

  • Satchels – Similar to crossbody concealed carry purses, satchels possess shoulder straps. However, they tend to be larger than crossbody purses and also come with either a zipper, buckle or envelope flap for closure.
  • Totes – Totes are large shoulder 'open top' bags, usually rectangular, and are often more casual in aesthetics. Totes also tend to be larger size, which can make it easier to conceal carry a larger frame handgun, but harder to wear for long durations due to the heavier weight.
  • Backpacks – Backpacks are very popular for women and students alike. It is an overall easy option to conceal carry and can be stylish all in one. But keep in mind that carrying on your back means your firearm will always be out of immediate reach unless you use a sling style backpack that rests across your chest.
  • Hobo Bags – Coming in a slightly different shape, hobo bags are favored by many due to their stylish nature and their keen adaptability for conceal carry; They can be worn on the shoulder and are standardly practical. But again, their flex design can cause some drawing burdensome and may not offer as much control due to shoulder/arm carry.

Are You Ready To Own A Concealed Carry Purse?

Knowing the details and intricacies of concealed carry purses is one thing, but knowing for certain you are ready to take on the keen responsibility of owning one is another. In short, becoming a conceal carrying woman is a very responsibility-oriented decision, and making the jump from owning a firearm to conceal carrying one in public is another stepping stone to not take lightly. Because of that, below are some questions to ask yourself before choosing to carry in a concealed carry purse. Keep in mind there's no right or wrong answer, but what you come up with may help you recognize if you are ready or not to bear the concealed carry responsibility.

  • Do I set my usual purse down unattended?
  • Am I regularly around small children who might have access to the purse?
  • Am I diligent enough to keep the purse on me and store it properly when off my body?
  • Will I always be mindful of having my gun in a holster and in the designated purse compartment?
  • Am I disciplined enough to practice the draw and use of my gun from the concealed carry purse?

Invest In A Concealed Carry Purse With Confidence

Becoming a conceal carrying woman is an exceptionally personal decision – a very conscientious decision that ultimately came with an array of responsibility and mindfulness gestures to ensure you and those around you are safe at all times. Though much of that security stems from selecting the right firearm for yourself and knowing how to operate it seamlessly amid potential hostile situations, the other half is being able to conceal carry it with confidence. And if you are like most women, a conceal carry crossbody purse is the most viable solution to do that without having to sacrifice your style. 

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In the end, the concealed carry purse is entirely up to you. As long as you're taking the above into selection consideration and remember that quality significantly matters to ensure high functionality (a little more costly, but very much worth it), then you can be confident that your investment will be nothing shy of a successful, secure, and of course, fashionable one.

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