Leather Care

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Leather is crafted from t tanned hides of animals. If you notice a scratch, a gentle buff with your fingertip or a soft cloth can often mend it. Our leathers are infused with sufficient oils and waxes to naturally "heal" such marks. Should a scratch prove stubborn, we at Lady Conceal highly recommend Saddler’s range of products for optimal cleaning and maintenance of your leather purses and accessories.

Saddler’s TLC stands out by not only removing dirt and grime from the leather's pores but also by restoring the essential natural oils often stripped during cleaning. Many products on the market address only the surface dirt, leaving the leather dry. In contrast, Saddler’s TLC accomplishes both cleaning and conditioning in one simple step, ensuring your leather items remain soft, supple, and resistant to most water and stains.

For enhanced protection, consider Saddler’s Preservative, which softens the leather and adds a protective, non-damaging coat. For best results, apply two light coats rather than a single heavy one, and whenever possible, treat both sides of the leather. This product is especially effective for reviving older, worn leather, enhancing its appearance, providing extra protection, and minimizing scratches and blemishes.

Gift the ultimate in leather care with the Saddler's Leather Care Gift Box. This premium set includes an 8 oz bottle of Saddler's TLC, a 4 oz bottle of Leather Preservative, and two horsehair applicator brushes. Whether for a friend, a family member, or even a treat for yourself, this kit provides everything needed to maintain leather items in excellent condition, ensuring durability and elegance for years to come.

At Lady Conceal, we design our leather bags with an emphasis on durability, functionality, and style. We select only the finest materials and employ expert craftsmanship, ensuring that with proper care, your Lady Conceal products will endure for years to come.