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Lady Conceal Purses
Empowering Women with Style and Attitude

Lady Conceal is focused on empowerment. As a retired school teacher, and now a business woman, the need for promoting child and personal protection is extremely important to me. Sadly, in today’s world there are some very bad people out there that will do us, and our families harm. Women lead busy lives with work, classes, errands, and fitness etc. A firearm or weapon of choice is an equalizer. With a weapon, women are empowered.

As a woman, I feel it is extremely important for women to have the choice to take responsibility for their own safety and security if they so desire.

Lady Conceal provides women with a safe and secure place to store their firearm or weapon of choice. All handbags have a separate concealed compartment that are instantly accessible. If you do not feel comfortable carrying a firearm, this designated pocket can be used to carry pepper spray, a taser, an electronic whistle or whatever make you feel safe and protected.

We can assure you that we never compromise on our quality standards and are one of the best lines in the market.

Our purses are crafted with high-quality materials, including full-grain leather, resilient faux leather and durable hardware.

Each one features an ambidextrous concealment pocket for your firearm or weapon of choice, complete with a durable, ballistic-grade lining and a removable, adjustable nylon holster.

Knowing safety is paramount, all Lady Conceal® purses are crafted with YKK locking concealment zippers to ensure the well-being of curious children.

Beautiful interiors are complimented with a leather strap for your keys and roomy pockets for all your other necessities.

Lady Conceal® stands behind all of their products. We promptly repair or replace any defective purses. We also strive to make our wholesale price points the most competitive in the market.

Carry because you love yourself! Enjoy shopping!

Diana West