Women’s Concealed Carry 101: Fundamental Steps To Follow When Deciding To Conceal Carry

Increase in Female Firearm Ownership
According to a recent Harvard University study, 42% of gun owners are women and rising. In retrospect, that is a 14% increase in female ownership over the last 5 years – ultimately issuing the high demand for quality concealed carry purses and holsters for concealed carry to follow the elevating wave.

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All in all, the decision to carry concealed is a personal one on the infinite incline and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. That said, if you are a woman considering concealed carry, there are some fundamental steps you should follow to ensure that you are making the best decision for yourself, your safety, and the safety of others.

Find The Ideal Firearm Right For You

First and foremost, you'll want to determine which firearm is ideal for your personal preference and concealed carry objectives/needs. Generally, women's concealed carry is not a one-size-fits-all type of scenario, and there are several factors that come into play. To help with this effort, you will first want to go with only vetted brands such as Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, Colt, and Heckler & Koch etc. Remember, quality matters when choosing a firearm, and with a lot at stake, going with respected brands is a great way to ensure what you receive is high quality. Other areas that you will want to address include:

  • Grip Size – Always go with a firearm that you can hold steadily and comfortably at all times; you must be able to have a full grip and control of your firearm. (i.e., smaller hands likely equate to a smaller grip to ensure you can securely hold it.)
  • Safety Preferences – Different concealed carry firearms have different features such as grip safety, trigger safety, and thumb safety. Choose a firearm that you feel comfortable operating based on the safety features. (Tip: Trigger-only safeties are ideal for newer concealed carrying women, whereas thumb and grip safety may be more desirable for experienced carriers.)
  • Recoil & Caliber – Most of the time, the larger the caliber of your firearm, the greater recoil you will receive upon firing. A heavier handgun will reduce recoil more than a lightweight handgun. Knowing this, determine how much recoil you can handle.
Obtain Proper Equipment And Clothing

    Next, concealed carry women should be adamant about filling their closets with the right equipment and clothing while having a firearm in possession. Though everyday wear will only require essentials like concealed carry purses, holsters and hobos/backpacks, you will also want shooting range accessories as well. This should include eye protection, ear protection, comfortable shoes, and higher necked/longer sleeved tops to help protect your skin from flying brass.

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    Women’s Concealed Carry Legalities - Know the Federal, State, and Local Laws of Concealed Carry 

    Concealed carry with an aesthetic twist is one thing, but always be sure that you do so while abiding by your state and federal legalities. In terms of firearm laws, every state has its own variation of regulations that you must follow to avoid the risk of any legal percussions.

    To see the concealed carry legalities in your own state, please visit USCCA’s Concealed carry Reciprocity Map.

    Obtain Your Concealed Carry Permit

     Once you review and understand your state’s concealed carry laws and federal regulations, the next step is to obtain your concealed carry permit. If your state does, in fact, require a permit - which can be found in the link above, you'll have to undergo that specific process. This will usually cost you anywhere from $20-$60 based on your location, typically requires you to take a handgun safety course, and undergo a background check to ensure that you don't have any warrants or an arrest record.

    Assuming all is well and your history is clean, you should obtain your permit within a couple of months. However, states with more stringent gun laws and review cycles can take permit relations up to nine months per application.

    Have The Right Mindset

    Becoming a concealed carrying woman sounds relatively easy on the surface: you buy the right gun, follow the state laws, practice, and invest in quality accessories like concealed carry purses. However, being a concealed carrier stems much farther than the objective realities; much of what makes a successful and safe carrier is having the right mindset. What does that mean exactly? It is the recalibration of your mind viewing your new firearm as a weapon for protection rather than a lifestyle asset. To break it down more, the components of a mentally strong armed citizen include:

    • Determination and Discipline – Concealed carrying women possess a determined mindset, meaning they are determined to learn, practice and educate. If faced with a dangerous encounter, they are determined to ensure the safest possible outcome unveils while also doing whatever it takes to keep themselves and others safe.
    • Defensive But With Avoidance – A defensive mindset is where your focus is on pure survival and protection rather than vengeance and control. This should also be coupled with avoidance, meaning avoiding hostile situations to minimize the odds of a life-threatening encounter. Simply put, only fire and defend when firing is the only option.
    • High Situational Awareness – Developing a keen skill to be fully aware of your surroundings at all times. This means breaking distracting habits, such as walking while looking at your phone and building a newfound vigilance. To begin practicing this, start with the mental exercise of always knowing where the exits are, where the fire extinguishers are placed, and the characteristics of those around you when in public.
    Receive Additional Training (Practice, Practice, Practice)

    As noted above, obtaining a concealed carry permit usually requires you to take a gun safety and training course. Now, this is often tailored and very informative. But going back to the disciplined mindset, be sure to also enroll yourself in additional training as well. Learning and practicing alongside trained professionals is an excellent way to build your confidence and mindset as a concealed carrier and position you for ideal protection if a hostile situation should arise. In short, practice continuously, get in tune with what your gun is capable of, and be open to joining refresher training/courses so your skill and knowledge remain sharp.

    Ensure Proper Storage For Your Firearm At Home

    Never underestimate just how vital proper firearm storage is while at home. Whether you have children or not, safe gun storage should be prioritized among concealed carry women and men. To support this, the first step is to invest in a high-quality locking gun cabinet or safe of your choosing. Whatever the preference may be, be sure that the storage device is lockable, durable, and invulnerable to break-ins without a key. Other ways to ensure proper storage involve keeping your gun(s) unloaded when stored, ammunition locked away in a separate location, and restricting access to only trusted, non-impulsive, gun safety-trained adults.

    **For extra safety assurance, consider investing in a trigger safety lock or a locking concealed carry purse.

    A Value-Based Investment That Comes With High Responsibility

    In summary, concealed carry (man or woman) is a decision that is highly personal, highly individualistic, and one that comes with great responsibility. From the legalities to investing in the right equipment like holsters for concealed carry and concealed carry purses such as conceal carry crossbody purses for women, it collectively leads to optimized protection and safety for you, your family, and those around you at all times.

    Overall, women's concealed carry is not a game, and firearms are not something to be seen as a toy but rather a long-term protectional investment that should be understood from all angles. Wrapping up, as long as you follow the intricacies of possessing a firearm and attain your accessories from a concealed carry women's brand that you can trust, then you can be confident that your future as a carrier will be nothing shy of successful.

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