What attributes should a concealed carry purses have?

Concealed carry purses are designed for individuals who choose to carry a firearm discreetly. A concealed carry purse should have several key attributes to ensure it is functional, safe, and convenient for the user. Here are some essential attributes to consider:


1. Dedicated Concealment Pocket: A separate, dedicated pocket for the firearm is essential. This pocket should only be used for the firearm to prevent any obstruction with other items. The access to this pocket should be easy for the user but discreet to others.


2. Lockable Compartment: For added security, the concealment pocket should be lockable. This prevents unauthorized access to the firearm, especially important if children are around.



3. Ambidextrous Access: The purse should allow for easy access to the firearm from both the left and right sides to accommodate both left-handed and right-handed users.

 Hidden Gun Bag

4. Adjustable Holster: Inside the concealment pocket, there should be an adjustable or removable holster that securely holds the firearm in place. This ensures that the firearm does not move around inside the purse and is oriented in a consistent position for quick and safe retrieval.

 Adjustable Holster Conceal Carry for Gun

5. Sturdy Construction: The purse should be made from durable materials to withstand the additional weight and bulk of a firearm.


6. Size and Comfort: The purse should be large enough to comfortably fit the firearm without bulging or altering the purse's shape. At the same time, it should not be so large as to be cumbersome to carry.



7. Discretion: The design of the purse should not overtly suggest that it is designed for concealed carry. It should look like a regular purse to maintain discretion.


8. Quality Zippers and Closures: To ensure quick and reliable access to the firearm, the purse should have high-quality zippers or closures that are easy to open but secure when closed.


9. Privacy and Safety Features: Additional features such as RFID blocking pockets for personal information security and reinforced areas around the concealment compartment can add layers of safety and privacy.



When choosing a concealed carry purse, personal preference in style, size, and functionality will also play a significant role. It's important to select a purse that not only meets these attributes but also feels comfortable and suits your lifestyle.


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