Top 5 Self Defense Tools to Store in Your Purse

Don’t be a victim and take charge of your safety by prepping your purse! Since, on average, American women own 10 handbags and only use the most functional ones, it’s time for us to start thinking more about what our purses can do for us. A purse is the ideal place to stash self-defense tools that could benefit you in an emergency and prove to be bad news for an attacker.


List of Best self-defense tools for women:


  1. Bear mace


Now I know you’re probably wondering, “Don’t you mean pepper spray” and no, I do not mean pepper spray. Not everyone is affected by pepper spray and if you are up against an experienced rapist then chances are they’ve probably built up an immunity. Bear spray has six times as much spray, more pressurized, can spray three times further and is three times as potent compared to other self-defense products.


  1. Tactical Knife


While initially designed for military use, tactical knives are a great tool option for every day conceal carry for women. Most states allow conceal carrying knives without a permit so long as they meet state requirements. Be sure to check your state's laws before deciding to wield a knife.


  1. Taser or stun gun


Unlike bear mace, tasers and stun guns work well if you are close to your attacker. Some of the many effects that an attacker will experience after being hit by a taser include disorientation, the ability to stand, a high heart rate and dehydration. Despite these effects, this will very likely subdue an attacker without killing them.


  1. Alarm Keychain


Alarm keychains are a great option for women who don’t necessarily want to carry a weapon. These keychains are very lightweight and can often attach to your keychain. Lady Conceal sells keychain alarms which features a 130DB continuous piercing siren alarm that scares your attacker away and alerts others around you. Simply, pull the ring out when you are in danger. These alarms come equipped with a bright LED light that illuminates a dark area.


  1. Handgun


A handgun is an excellent self-defense option for women because it allows women to take back the power when up against an attacker that may be bigger and stronger than them. However, carrying a gun in your purse does constitute as conceal carrying so make sure to check with your state's conceal carry laws before deciding to store a gun in your purse.


Now that we’ve gone through what the best self-defense tools women can use are, it’s time to think about if your current purse can ensure quick and efficient access to those tools. Here at Lady Conceal, we sell purses that enable that. Our premium concealed carry handbags help reiterate that anything is possible with determination and persistence. Our products bring together the finest materials and stunning designs to enable you to feel safe and secure. We pride ourselves in not only providing the best conceal carry options for women but also the most stylish. Experience the quality and sophistication today!

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